After predicting rain for all three days of the Super Chevy Show in Hebron, Ohio we were happy to be greeted by great weather. The sunny skies and cooler temps were big wins for both the show cars and the drag racers which resulted in a large number of cars competing. The drag cars battled all day and into the evening for a shot at some of the prize money being offered up in the various classes including the True Street competition that was added to the mix.

On the show car side there were some really nice Chevys polished up and posed on the tarmac which made the judge’s job even more difficult when it came time to choose winners for the many trophies up for grabs. Even the automotive swap meet was busy as gearheads searched for a good deal on that hard to find widget. For the spectators there were exhibition runs by a jet car and wheel stander in addition to the continuous drag racing action.

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