Introducing: Eim Leah @ WINGS

Whether it's your 1st or 10th child K"h, all women 3-10 weeks postpartum are invited to join a roundtable weekly discussion for kimpeturin. Take time for yourself each week to share in the joy and tumult of child raising while getting real answers to your real questions!

Facilitated by Miri Berger, RN, BSN, SNM.  Every Thursday, 12-1 pm at WINGS.
Free of charge.  Join us and receive a FREE 1-month membership at WINGS
Bring your baby- $5 babysitting service available!
For more information contact: WINGS | 6543 U.S. 9 Howell  |  732.660.WING (9464)  |
Are you a responsible, fun-loving post-high school girl or woman, looking to make nice money while doing a tremendous chessed?
One quick detour in your day can make a huge difference to a kimpeturin in need!
Your generous support enables Eim Leah to continue its vital work for postpartum women and their families!


Eim Leah is a 501c3 tzedaka organization in Lakewood that was founded in the summer of 2016.

Eim Leah’s mission is to provide respite for Lakewood women after birth, providing a weekly care package consisting of babysitting, hot suppers, lunches, and more. This bundle of love and assistance is so crucial to the physical and emotional well-being of the new mother, setting her on the path to a complete recovery.

In just a few short years, Eim Leah has assisted thousands of families in Lakewood. The organization is run with incredible efficiency and meticulous accounting, by a group of selfless volunteers.

Eim Leah is endorsed by the Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva- R’ Malkiel Kotler, R’ Moshe Zev Feldman, and the Skever Dayan.

As Eim Leah’s reputation grows, the responsibility to assist more families in the community grows as well. Our monthly budget has nearly doubled! Your generous support enables Eim Leah to continue its vital work for postpartum women and their families!


Our care package is offered to all families after the birth of a child up to 4 weeks after birth and only if it’s the 3rd child or more.

Services are provided on a weekly basis starting Monday through Thursday.

Each family is entitled to one week of services (afternoon babysitting, supper and lunch)

Your application must be received by 8 pm on WEDNESDAY if you would like services for the upcoming week.


Afternoon babysitting is provided Monday-Thursday by Post-high school girls for a duration of 2 hours per day, 4:30-6:30 p.m., at a minimal fee of $5 per hour.

Our caregivers are capable of playing with siblings, assisting with homework, supper, and bedtime. They cannot be assigned to do any household cleaning, laundry, etc…

Our caregivers are paid $15-18 an hour. Each family is responsible to pay the full amount (cash or check payable to cash) directly to the girl at the end of the week and a reimbursement check will be mailed to you the following week (minus the $5/hour that you are responsible for).

Based upon the recommendations of our Rabbinic Advisor, the father cannot be present in the home for the duration of the caregiver’s scheduled time there.

The majority of our caregivers are seminary/post-seminary girls who will not work in a home with unfiltered internet. It is a MUST that any device with unfiltered internet be locked away/inaccessible for the duration of the caregiver’s scheduled time there.

• Any Eim Leah caregiver/helper who assists you in your home is an employee of Eim Leah. You cannot hire her privately outside of the time that is arranged for you by our coordinator.


לע"נ ברוך דוב ע"ה בן יבלחט"א ר' משה חיים ווידרא

Suppers are delivered to your home Monday-Wednesday between  3-6 p.m.

 All suppers (soups, salads, mains) are KCL/Yoshon and made with Fleishig keilim.


Lunch is a set menu from Bagel Nosh; delivered to your home Monday – Thursday between 10am-12pm (cannot make special requests).

If you received/are receiving lunches from Birchas Menachem we cannot provide lunches.






When a Lakewood Family gives birth, Eim Leah Delivers!


36 Glen Avenue Lakewood NJ 08701
P: 732-851-1302 | F: 732-851-1315
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